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So I’ve been playing a bit with my websites, what do you think?  You can see my main website here.  I really like the slider on my main website, but decided to do something different on this site.  Of course, I’m sure I’ll be playing with it more and more as the days go on.  🙂

We also had a bit of excitement the other day.  There was a fire in the mountains behind our house.  It wasn’t bad, no evacuations, no one hurt and only 1000 acres burned, but it made for good pictures.  🙂

DSC_0054A DSC_0055A DSC_0056A

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8 thoughts on “Website Updates”

  1. those pictures are great. Glad no real problems with it. That is to close to you. Thanks for sharing tho. Love

  2. Wow, you are so talented! It looks clean and peaceful. I like how the sidebar links move when you hover over them. So cool!

    First that close are not fun. I bet it smelled really bad for a few days. Doesn’t one of your kids have asthma? That must have been a problem.

    Have a great week!

  3. Wonderful pictures JoAnn. I remember what that looks like. when I was in California with Diann there was a fire on the mountain right behind her cottage (and I mean we were up against that mountain!) It kept getting closer and closer into the late evening and finally they evacuated us. We stayed with one of Diann’s friends for three days before they let us go back. Thank God nothing was burned except the mountainside and various trees. Now that was scary!

  4. I love your new slide header, GREAT job!!!
    Wow, those fires look very close, great pictures!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, it’s very hard to blog these days, but I love it!

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