Wednesday’s post (how’s that for a title, lol)

I can’t believe it’s been almost 3 days since I’ve written a post.  It’s been a crazy few days, nothing in particular, nothing big, just crazy at times.  Sunday & Monday were our weekend, which was nice, gave Paul more time to rest from being sick.  It wasn’t a complete day off though.  Sarah’s been busy working on her lessons trying to get them done before her retreat this weekend.  It’s hard to believe that she’s going on her first retreat.  She’s scared & excited at the same time.  Paul and I are scared & excited at the same time.  Paulie’s just sad, he doesn’t want her gone for 2 days.  🙂

Paulie’s also sad for another reason.  There was a gymnastics center here in town that our homeschool group set up with to have an open gym time for the kids in our group.  No lessons on gymnastics or anything, but it gave the kids something to do once a week.  They could run, jump, swing, just lots of fun, but indoors since it’s winter here, and the cost wasn’t too high.  Well, I guess the center wasn’t making enough money, so today was the last day they offered it to us.  🙁  There is a toddler time on Friday mornings, open to the whole community, they said our kids could go to, but none of us will be going there.  All our kids are too big and we are afraid they would hurt the little ones.  Plus it’s in the morning, doesn’t work for most of us.  We like to get our school work done first, or at least almost done.  Paulie is handling it ok, just a bummer.  But now he’s talking about wanting to go to a karate class.  His uncle came out last August and showed him some karate type moves and now Paulie is hooked.  Paul and I think it would be great for him, but we are in the praying stages of it.  We need to find whats available around here, plus there is always the finances.  Right now it’s just not something we have, but we are going to keep praying.  You never know what the Lord has for us.

I’m already thinking and looking at curriculum.  We buy our curriculum with our tax return, so this is the time of year I start looking.  Paulie’s curriculum, for the most part, will stay the same.  Sarah’s is changing a bit.  I’m trying to find a good high school level American History for her, and a good English (or language arts like they call it now) program for her.  As much as she likes her language arts program now, she’s burned out with it, and I don’t blame her.  I don’t even do it, and I’m getting burnt out too.  So I am on the hunt, seeing what will work for us and what won’t.  At least we know her math, science, and foreign language, so that helps.  I’m also trying to find a good drawing program for Paulie.  At least I have some ideas of what we need, now I just need to find them.

I’ve been doing ok on my photography, though I didn’t take any picture yesterday.  Oh well, it’s all for fun, right?  I did take some pictures today, but it was indoors at the gymnastics center & the lighting wasn’t the best.  And with my little point & shoot, well lets just say today was one of those days I really wished I had a DSLR camera.  But that’s ok, at least I got some pictures.  Oh, and I almost forgot, I’m going to be a Great Aunt soon.  My nephew’s wife is in the beginning stages of labor!!!  I’m quite excited about this and can’t wait to welcome the new baby into the family.  Of course at the rate I’m going with his blanket it’s going to be a gift for his 1st birthday instead of a newborn gift.  lol

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