What a blessed weekend

We have had a very blessed weekend. Our Friday was so great. Paul took the day off, so we slept in a bit. Then went to Red Robin for lunch. Our first time there, and it was fun and filling. After that we went up into the mountains and went shooting for a bit. It was windy up there and cloudy, so we didn’t stay too long. Then we went for a drive further up in the mountains. It was a beautiful drive and funny how there was still snow up there in parts. Our town has lots of windmills up there for generating energy, and they are cool to see. Here’s a slide show of our day in the mountains. Plus, the other day Paul and Paulie were playing catch, so I put that out there too. (Please let me know if the slide show doesn’t work).

We had an awesome church service last night. I don’t think I’ve seen so many people at our church before. The worship was great, and the teaching very encouraging. I’m so thankful for Resurrection Sunday, and that Jesus died for my sins and rose again. Thank you Lord.

We are taking this week off of school, and I’m really looking forward to that. Paulie’s birthday is Tuesday, and we tried to get him his new bike but they were out of stock.  So we’ll try again on his actual birthday. But he now knows he’s getting a new, bigger bike, and he is very excited about it. I’ll get some pictures out when he gets it.

We had a great dinner tonight. Honey ham, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, dinner rolls, corn and chocolate chip cookies for a snack. I’m still full from it, but I’m about to go get some cookies soon.


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