What a crazy four days

It has been the longest 4 days for us.  It all started Thursday morning.  I was in the middle of my workout, hubby was still home (he was starting late that morning) & the kids had started there lessons for the day.  The phone rang and I saw on my call id it was my sister.  The thought went through my mind to just call her back later since I was in the middle of exercising, but I answered the phone anyway.  I could tell immediately that something was wrong.  My niece, her daughter, was in a car accident early that morning, around 1:00am.  Though we don’t know exactly what happened, she was ejected from the truck somehow when it rolled.  She wasn’t driving, a friend was taking her home and he said he fell asleep at the wheel.  They had transported her to the hospital near my house.  My sister was heading back to the hospital (she had gone home during the shift change to get some clothes for the next few days) so of course I got ready and met her at the hospital.

It was heart breaking to see my niece.  She had cuts & abrasions from the glass of the passenger window and a major concussion.  But the Lord’s hand was on her.  Being ejected from the vehicle like she was, it could have been so much worse.  Everyone kept saying how lucky she was, we know the truth.  🙂  So I spent all of Thursday up there.  My kids were great, finished their lessons, did the laundry & made dinner.  I got home late in the evening, was exhausted, went to bed, and got up the next morning (Friday morning) and went right back to the hospital.  She was doing better, but still couldn’t walk because of the pounding in her head from the concussion.

Now, for 3 weeks my 87 year old father has been dealing with abdominal pain.  He finally decided to go to the doctor and had an appointment set up for Friday.  They were going to a doctor closer to them, which is 25 minutes from me and the hospital where my niece was at.  The doctor wasn’t sure what was wrong, and besides putting my dad on antibiotic he ordered a CAT scan.  After the CAT scan my parents headed home (a 50 minute drive for them).  Half way home the doctors office called and told them they needed to turn around and get back to the doctors office.  They ended up admitting my dad into the hospital.  This was a different hospital, 25 minutes from my house and the hospital my niece was at.

It turns out my dad’s appendix had ruptured about 1 1/2 weeks ago.  Thankfully the Lord’s hand was on my dad too, because instead of all the toxins going through his body, his body sort of encased his appendix and it didn’t go anywhere.  But it did grow into abcesses, 4 in total, with one attaching itself to a part of his bowel.  So they admitted him on Friday evening, planning on doing a procedure on Saturday morning to get those abcesses drained.  With his age, 87, and the doctor didn’t like something with his heart, the EKG looked ‘off’, they didn’t want to do surgery.  If they could get them drained properly, then hopefully they wouldn’t need to do surgery.  So on Friday evening, I left the hospital my niece was at, hopped on the highway, drove the 25 minutes to the other hospital in time to help get my dad settled into his hospital room.  Again, when that was all done, I drove home, went to bed, got up the next morning and headed back to the hospital my dad was at.

I got there right when they were starting the procedure, and the doctor showed me exactly what he was going to do.  Mom & me waited, and the procedure went quickly and smoothly except for one complication.  They did end up nicking the bowel that the one abcess was attached to.  So dad has three drains in him, and was moved back up to his room.  He was in good spirits, though sore and tired.  Now to add to all of this my cell phone company decided to mess with my phone, and it didn’t work that day.  What a pain, everyone trying to call, all we had was my mom’s cell phone.  It just added to the stress.  Plus I had to drive home in the dark with no cell phone, which hubby doesn’t like.  And tech still hasn’t fixed my phone, I’ve been using Sarah’s.  Ugh.

So again, I headed home, fell into bed and headed back to the hospital today.  By this point my niece has been released from the other hospital.  She’s home, with a huge headache, but doing pretty well.  And today was a great day with my dad.  Mom, my sister and I were all there, and we got him into a bigger room.  The one they put him in late Friday was soooo small, and my dad is a big man.  He was so glad we got him a bigger room.  Plus the doctor ok’d him for a liquid diet.  He was so happy to drink some orange juice.  After the orange juice, him walking the hall to the new room, and getting set up in the new room, my old dad was back.  He was talking to us, telling us jokes and stories and we were having such a great time.  It was so comforting to see him like that.  Because he was doing so well, my sister and I decided to head home.  My mom is staying at a hotel near the hospital.

It was so nice to be home.  I actually got home at a decent time, was here before hubby got home, and then us four went out to dinner.  It was so nice to just spend time together with my family.  They have been the best through all of this.  My kids have been by themselves for a few days, except for evenings when hubby gets home.  They’ve kept the house clean and picked up.  Did laundry a couple of days, had dinner ready and finished lessons on school days.  Hubby would get home and spend time with them, just being a family while I had to be with my extended family.  I can’t believe how the Lord has gotten us through these past four days.  It has truly been His strength for me and my family, and His hands protecting my extended family.

It’s been a great evening and we are stuffed from the yummy meal we had.  Tomorrow I’m staying home since dad is doing so well.  We’ll have our normal Monday of cleaning & lessons and Sarah has a bible study in the afternoon.  I’m going to try and have a meal cooked for hubby, plus try to get my cell phone working.  I’ve already been on the phone with them 3 different times for a total of 4 hours, and my phone is still not fixed.  :shocked:  But I believe it can be fixed and hopefully I’ll have it working tomorrow.  I know friends have called and text me wondering how my family is, and yet I can’t receive any of them.  🙁  But hey, as much of a problem it’s been, in a time I really needed my phone, it’s small compared to everything else that’s been going on.

Paul is off Tuesday and Wednesday, so on Tuesday, if dad is still in the hospital (which he might be) we are all going down to visit dad so Paul and the kids can see him.  Plus Sarah has a bible study on Tuesday evening & Paulie gym day on Wednesday, which we are going to do our best to get them too.  They need some normal things again.  I am totally blessed that on Friday, in the midst of the worst of it all, dad getting admitted, my friend took the kids.  Me and my friend had set up a roller skating time for the homeschool group for Friday afternoon.  Obviously I could no longer make it.  But my friend took the kids to her house around 1:30 so they could play with her kids then took them to skating at 4:00.  Then dropping them off at home when Paul got home.  How nice that the Lord blessed them with that outing that day.  They really needed it, and they really need a normal week this week.  I think we all do.

So that has been my last four days, which feels like a week or more.  And that’s why I haven’t been around.  Please keep my family in your prayers as my niece is still recovering, and dad is still in the hospital.  He’ll have those drains for up to 6 weeks, so it’s still a bit of a road ahead for him.  Plus, like I said, I pray they see the Lord in this all.  And now I’m tired and want to get off the computer.  Have a great night.  🙂

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