What a day

Do you ever have to go back on your blog to see what you have already written about?  I tend to do that each time I write a post.  I guess I don’t want to write about something I’ve already written about.  🙂  I’m actually writing this in my bedroom where I’m told I can not leave right now.  Hubby & the kids are wrapping up presents for me.  Good thing I have my laptop.  They did this the other day too.  I can’t imagine what they got me that they are still picking things up to wrap.  Like they said, maybe some of the boxes are just empty.  🙂

We went to our homeschool groups Christmas party on Monday night.  That was a lot of fun.  The woman who led it this year did such a great job.  All the kids had so much fun, and they enjoyed the presents they got.  Paul and I just enjoyed chatting with friends.  Plus Paul had some time with a friend of his earlier that day.  I always try to make sure when he wants to do something with friends that he can.  He always lets me do whatever I want, and I have more time during the day than he does.  So even if I’m tired when he mentions it, I always say yes, go have fun.  He has one friend that always calls me by my last name and says, “Mrs. ****, can Paul come out and play?”  lol  It is so funny.  Who can say no to a grown man asking like that?

Today we started our last days of lessons for the year.  I love saying that.  The kids will be done by Friday at the latest, though they may be done by Thursday.  But today I also had to go to the dentist.  I haven’t been to the dentist for a cleaning in about 3 years, and it showed on my gums.  I have severe periodontal disease, which is essentially a real bad gum disease.  So bad that they couldn’t even do all the cleaning today, only 1/4 of my teeth were done.  I have to go back 2-3 more times before they are done.  After that I wait for 3 months, making sure I brush twice a day & floss at least once a day.  And if all goes well, when I go back for my checkup 3 months later, my gums should be healing well, and I’ll just have to keep up with it all.  Otherwise, if it doesn’t look better in 3 months then they will refer me to a gum surgeon.  Ugh.  Obviously I’m praying that in 3 months my gums will be a lot better.  We’ve made sure that the kids have always brushed morning & evening & flossed.  But me, well not so much.  But believe me that is going to change now.  I really don’t want to have to have surgery.  Unfortunately my next cleaning, so they can get all my teeth cleaned, couldn’t be scheduled until the 30th.  I want the hygienist that I had today, so I’m willing to wait.  But I’m on the list of calls if other people cancel.  So hopefully I’ll get a call sometime about an earlier appointment.

Tomorrow Paulie has his last open gymnastics time for the year.  They are closing until January.  But they are having a little party/play time tomorrow.  Paulie is really looking forward to it.  Plus, I will probably get together with a friend for coffee during that time.  You know me, I love getting together with friends.  With this new season I’m in, I try to do it as much as I can.  At the end of the week we are going to our church’s Christmas play.  We’ll either go on Friday night or Saturday night, it depends on Paul’s work.  I hear it’s really good.  Can’t wait to see it.

Well, my gums are now starting to ache a bit, and the family is waiting to watch a movie together, so I should be going.  And yes, don’t worry, I will be brushing my teeth later tonight.  🙂

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