What a great weekend

We’ve had a great Memorial day weekend. We went and saw the movie Terminator Salvation Friday as a date while the kids were at a friends house. It was a good movie, but most importantly it was a great time out with hubby. We go on dates during the day a lot, but not at night much. We don’t like leaving the kids home alone at night. So this was a treat.

Then Saturday we went looking at houses for a bit, while Sarah was at a girlfriends birthday party all day. The houses were o.k., but still not sure of anything, except that all the things we want in a house are out of our price range. Oh well, not dwelling on it right now. I will say keep us in prayer. We are thinking of putting an offer on a house that is way out of our price range. So we are putting a very low bid offer on it. If it’s where the Lord wants us, then I pray they accept the offer. Otherwise, if they don’t we’ll walk away, no counter offer. We’ll just know it’s not from the Lord. I’m trying hard not to focus on it too much. So on to other things. Saturday night we went to church, then watched a movie after making potato salad and dill dip for Sunday.

Sunday we had a cookout that my niece, nephew and dad came too. We had some yummy food, hamburgers, hot dogs, kielbasa, potato salad, dill dip, chips and monkey bread. Family stayed for a while then had to leave, so we just hung out the rest of the day. We forgot we bought the makings for smores, so we had some of those in the evening. Watched an instant movie from Netflix, we really enjoy doing that. And just hung out together in the evening.

Today, Monday, we had our own little cookout with brats and more kielbasa. This time we forgot we had corn on the cob, so I’ll make that tomorrow. We made smores over the grill, and then went for a family bike ride. The kids have been playing outside all evening with friends, and Paul and I are listening to the White Sox game on the internet. Weekends like this are so fun. Here is a small slideshow of our weekend.

Hope you all had a blessed weekend. Now to start the week. Though it will be pretty mellow with school officially out now. I have some paper work I need to do, but that will be quick enough. Simple week, I like them.

And a big THANK YOU to all the men and women out there that serve in our country’s military. We were free to be doing all we did this weekend because of what they do every day. Thank you.


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