What I’ve been up to lately

Well, I have definitely been keeping busy, that’s for sure. I’m keeping busy with the usual things this time of year, holidays, lessons and hopefully we’ll start some baking soon. Sarah is in our church’s Christmas musical, so between lessons and practice she doesn’t have as much time this year for baking, well at least not until after the 18th. But I have to say, I am truly blessed that she can drive. It’s been so much easier on us this year. šŸ™‚

But obviously that’s not what’s been keeping me busy lately. In November I was approached by Kristen, the former Senior Editor of Homeschoolblogger.com. TOS (The Old Schoolhouse Magazine) had sold HSB recently and Kristen went with TOS, leaving HSB. The new owner asked her if she would recommend anyone for her former job, and she recommended me!

When she first sent me the email asking if I would want her to give my name to the new owner, I was completely shocked. It came out of no where, and not anything I had been thinking of. But that is usually just like the Lord. Because I have always wanted to work from home, and working on a blog site, is something that I know a bit about. I’ve tried to put together things before, pushing for ways to make some extra money, all to no avail. I finally gave up on the idea, figuring it just wasn’t something the Lord had for me. Though it was still something I wanted to do. The Lord always knows best what we need.

So I get this email, and I’m nervous and excited. Paul and I went out for coffee the night I got it and talked about all it would entail, what the job description was, how many hours a week I would need to work, things like that. He thought it was a good idea from the beginning. Of course we prayed about it, and I have truly felt peace about it from the first email. So I emailed her back letting her know to go ahead and give the new owner my name. I was nervous, but excited too. The wait was the hardest. Would he consider me? I just didn’t know.

About a week later I was offered the position! šŸ˜€ To say I was excited would be an understatement. So the Monday before Thanksgiving Kristen started training me on what I needed to do for the site. It’s a fun position. Thankfully editor is a term used loosely, and not like a copy editor or anything like that. I know I wouldn’t be good with that. šŸ˜‰ I’m sort of the face of the site, I help people with things, answer questions, find writers and write on the Company Front Porch and other things. It really is a fun job. I get to work at home, I work with some great people, and during my training I got to know more of Kristen, who is such a sweet woman.

I think the hardest thing for me, is me and my personality. I am a workaholic by nature. So I can easily be on the site all day working, if I’m not careful. But I have set up some things for myself so I can ‘leave’ work. Plus hubby keeps an eye on me. Sunday, when he got home from work, he asked what I had done during the day. I told him, and one of the things I had mentioned was, “I was blogging.” He said, “Your personal blog, right? Not HSB.” With that ‘look’. šŸ˜‰ I sheepishly looked at him and said, “Only for a little bit.” Then he reminded me that I need to have breaks away from my work too. I love that man, he really does watch out for me.

I’m completely blessed that the Lord gave me this position. I have no idea what the future holds, but I’m glad I know Who holds my future. And I love how the Lord knew all of this before it happened. He blessed me with a laptop earlier, which allows me to work without interrupting the kids. That’s just one of the many areas He worked in before He gave me this position.

And today, as I was working, I moved to the kitchen so I could sit in the sunlight to do some work. I love working from home.



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8 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to lately”

  1. Congratulations JoAnn on your job. It sounds wonderful. Praise the Lord! I love what you said: “I have no idea what the future holds, but I’m glad I know who holds my future.” I hope always to remember that. Love, Auntie ella

  2. I love what you said too, like Auntie Ella said. It is such a blessing to know who holds my future. Its great to hear about this position. Love Mom

  3. Congratulations, JoAnn! That is so wonderful. I’m sure you’ll do a great job and have lots of fun doing it.

    As for that line ā€œI have no idea what the future holds, but Iā€™m glad I know who holds my future,ā€ it’s going up on a wall by my desk.

    I’d heard about GFC being dropped. I’m curious to see what will take its place. FaceBook, maybe? What do you think?

    Annie Kate

  4. Hi, Joann,

    Wow, what a blessing from the Lord! I’m just delighted for you, and I think you will do a wonderful job. It’s like you’ve been in training for a while and now you’re ready for this step. May you be blessed “abundantly above and beyond all you can ask or think”!


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