Working on some crochet projects

I actually my made first sale at my cottage shop!  I was so happy but so shocked too.  I honestly haven’t worked that hard on advertising or anything like that.  I announced it on FB and that was about it.  Then on Friday I received an email saying someone (that I don’t know) had bought both of my sets of dish cloths!  So now I’m working on packing them up but I’m also trying to work on creating some more.  These were the only ones I had in pre-made, so I guess I know what crafts I’ll be working on.

A pretty yellow/orange color.
I haven’t finished this one yet.
These are the ones I sold.



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4 thoughts on “Working on some crochet projects”

  1. So happy for you hon. They are beautiful so no wonder they sold. I’m working on things too. Will open soon I pray. Have a blessed day. Hope to see you soon if the weather keeps getting better. You go girl, doing great. Love

  2. Very nice! So satisfying to sell something. I experience that vicariously when my daughter sells some of her beadwork.

    I responded to your questions on my blog.

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