Yes, I’m changing things again.

OK friends and family that read my blog here, I am changing my previous post, and have decided to keep blogging here, not on my website. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with my website yet. I’m quite bummed by a lack of direction, and need to just step back and pray and until I know what direction the Lord wants me to go with it, I need to let it alone for a bit.

I had thought of making it my new blog, though I could never get the layout the way I wanted. Plus the fact that the address and label is Watered Garden Creations, and I wasn’t creating anything on it. But most importantly I realized that I could not do email notifications on my site, letting my dear family know when I posted a new blog post. And I know my mom & aunts love to read my blog and stay caught up with our life and seeing the pictures I put out there. So because of all of that, I have decided to stick with this blog and keep it active. So to that end, the blog I posted on my website yesterday, I’m re-posting here so that everyone can read it.

Sorry for the confusion, the back and forth and the indecision on my part. I really didn’t mean to bring any of you into that. I hope you will still read this blog, and enjoy my updates. 🙂

It’s been a real good Thanksgiving week. We’ve taken the past week off of our lessons, and I think the kids and I both needed the break. Sarah and I practiced baking egg substitute cookies. Sarah has an allergy to raw eggs, and so any cookies that you need to roll in your hands, or touch the dough in anyway, she couldn’t help with. :( We try to use an egg substitute of vinegar, water & baking powder, when we can. But we never like to use the substitute if we are bringing the cookies somewhere, just in case they don’t work out. ;) So finally this past week we had time to ‘practice’. It was a lot of fun, and the cookies turned out so yummy. Sarah was excited to be able to actually help, and she can’t wait to try it again.

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner. Stuffed ourselves way more than we should have, enjoyed watching movies together, and just being thankful for all the Lord has blessed us with. The day after Thanksgiving we always put up the Christmas tree and the decorations while watching It’s A Wonderful Life and drinking eggnog. This year was fun as usual. We even had to run to wal-mart on Black Friday for some Christmas lights since some of ours were broken. It wasn’t bad, since we didn’t go until the afternoon. After dinner we watched The Santa Clause movie for the first time. It was a cute movie, and fun to watch together.

Today (this was Saturday) we have been pretty mellow. I’ve been working on my website , Paul and the kids played some video games, and we all just relaxed and had fun.

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