Yes, it’s actually an update. :)

The weather has turned nice, so I’m outside almost half the day.  Not usually doing much of anything, besides reading, but I’m really starting to enjoy and use our backyard.  This morning, even though it will be hot later, right now it’s nice.  I had Paul run an extension cord to our backyard, so I could plug in the laptop and chat with an old friend online.  And I figured while I’m chatting, I could put a blog post out too.

I haven’t uploaded any new pictures recently, though I have been taking a lot.  We just had such a wet/cold spring, that all I want to do is sit outside, all day long.  Probably not the most productive, but just incase our winter comes early, I want to know I’ve been out more.  The kids are coming out more too, though I usually have to shoo them out.  They are just not outside kids.

We’ve also been busy with pre-VBS work.  We help with the set up and things, so we have a lot of work to do before VBS too.  I’m so glad my mom let us use her Cricut, it’s really coming in useful with lots of die cuts that need to be cut out.  The kids are working on that today.  We went to the VBS potluck last night, and had a blast.  I really enjoy getting together for parties and potlucks.  We stayed way past everyone else, playing badminton and such, so much fun.

Today Paul has the day off, but he’s spending part of the day with my dad.  Him and my dad use to spend lots of time together, going out and doing things, when we lived by them.  Now, well, on the days dad makes a trip out here by us, Paul is usually working.  But today, it worked out great.  Dad was coming out and Paul had the day off.  So they went out, shopping for a weed wacker, and who knows what else they plan on doing.  But I know they will have fun.  They were both looking forward to it.
We have finally hit our summer weather, and today will be around 90, tomorrow in the mid 90’s.  Paul is going to put the window AC in when he gets home.  😉  We made it pretty far this year without having to put it in, and we get to always turn it off at night and open the windows.  We never got to do that in Illinois.  The humidity and heat would last through the night.  But thankfully out here, usually once the sun goes down, the AC gets turned off, and windows get opened.  I always hate giving up one window for the AC, but it’s worth it when it gets hot.

Well, I should get back to some VBS work, but at least I can do it outside this time with the laptop.  😉  I will try to bring it out more, so I can update you all more.  But if you don’t hear from me for a while, just know I’m enjoying the great outdoors.

A view from the corner of our yard.

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