• My birthday

    We celebrated my birthday a week or two ago, and I just have to share because my family blessed me so much.     That last picture truly shows how much my family knows me.  I love to read, listen to 50’s music, drinking out of cute mugs, and my favorite candy flavors are coconut and chocolate and caramel and chocolate.  I didn’t ask for any of these things, it was just things they all came up with on their own.  I do love my family so and I had a blessed birthday.

  • Friday Favorites ~ 8/28

    I’ve been wanting a smart phone for a long time.  Me being such a techie person, it’s one of the last toys I’ve really wanted.  But budget constraints have made it impossible to get one.  I started saving all my extra money for the past year, and then my mom gave me a real nice birthday present last week of some more money, and that put me over the top.  I could finally get a smart phone, and not the cheaper one I was thinking, but a nice Samsung S4.  We don’t do contracts for cell phones, and I didn’t want to make monthly payments, but was so thankful I…