I’ve been working on my crochet projects lately, simple projects, but ones I like, dish cloths and coasters. What do you think?

These are the coasters I made:

These are the dish cloths, two different patterns:




I wrote before about my desire to add more things to my gift box, and these coasters and dish cloths are going in that box. I’m also working on some greeting card ideas too. I’m practicing making boxes that will hold my greeting cards, though it’s still a work in progress so no pictures. 😉


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5 thoughts on “Crocheting”

  1. oh wow awesome JoAnn. Love them all. thanks for sharing them. I need to do more things like that and fill up a gift box too. Talk soon. Love

  2. Those are lovely! I finished my first knitting project a while back–sorry didn’t even think of a photo. Learning to crochet is on my bucket list for some day.

  3. How sweet those are. I used to crochet like a madwoman, but haven’t done any for ages.

    Maybe making dishcloths would be a good idea for me on our long trip this summer! Thanks for the idea!

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