Friday Favorites ~ 11/22

♥  Having a huge family meal on Tuesday night. Tuesday and Wednesday were Paul’s days off, and so Tuesday night we cooked ham, au gratin potatoes, corn and GF dinner rolls.

♥  Then on Wednesday I made banana bread and we enjoyed a cozy day at home, munching on leftovers, working on Christmas presents and watching some TV together. It was another good day.

♥  Mall walking with my best friend. I had been considering doing this for a long time, but never knew when the mall opened for it. Then my friend told me she went and when its usually opened. I went by myself the first couple of times, and it’s really nice to have a warm, indoor area to walk in. But then on Thursday, I showed up and she was still there walking. It was the best time walking with her and chatting about our families and the upcoming holiday. Though I will admit her speed of walking kicked my butt. 😉 Goodness, I used to think I was in pretty decent shape and a fast walker, until I walked with her. Maybe I need to walk with her more often to keep the speed up? Yep, I probably do! 😀 I hope our schedules connect again.

♥  My last Friday favorite is the fact that I’ve finished all of the family Christmas presents that I make!!!! Ok, so I don’t have my cards even designed yet, but this year I actually got the gifts done before December. That’s quite an accomplishment. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites ~ 11/22”

  1. Yea gifts done that is good the cards will come together. I’ve heard Mall walking is great, wish we had one here. oh well Glad you had good days off with Paul so the family can do things. all good love

  2. Oh, I can almost smell the banana bread. Yum! I’ll be making some cranberry bread this week.

    Mall walking sounds fun, but our nearest one is over an hour away.

    Blessings on your weekend!

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