Fun at the Fair

The day before we had to leave for the flight down to Arizona we went our local state fair.  We always want to go every year, but this is only the second time we’ve made it.  But it is always so much fun and a fun way to end the summer.  Lots of food, rides and just plain fun.  Though Paul and I don’t ride as many rides as we used to, but we do enjoy going there with the kids and watching them have fun.  Here are just some random pictures I took while we were there.

We love showing up right when the carnival opens, not that many people. 🙂
Carnivals are so fun.
This is a fun ‘roller coaster’.
The kids enjoy it and actually got me on it too. I like it, it’s fun.
This I wouldn’t go on, though they like it.
Well, Sarah likes it until Paulie leans right into her. 🙂
No, neither of the kids were on this ride, I just wanted to get a cool shot of it. 🙂
This ride is actually moving, though it doesn’t look like it.
Sarah had a great time.
Again, no the kids weren’t on this one, I thought the people that did go on it were crazy.
Such pretty lights when it starts getting dark.



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5 thoughts on “Fun at the Fair”

  1. What great pictures! I love Fairs too. I used to go to our Annual county Fair every year but they changed a lot of things and the last time I went I was disappointed. Of course I don’t go on any rides anymore, but I used to like the animals and exhibits. I am glad you had such fun.

  2. What a nice time you had! Love your pictures. It’s fair time here too, and my daughter is volunteering at one of the booths again today. She enjoys it.

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