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Last month I went to a scrapbooking conference with my mom. There we bought a lot of greeting card kits. I really enjoy creating cards, but not real confident on my designing skills. So I enjoy the kits a lot. I can pull out the kits, tools, adhesives and enjoy some creative time.

These are cards that I got at the conference and ones that my mom gave me. She’s blessed to be able to get together with her friends every week and they create cards that a friend has put together. She’s starting to get me the kits too, so I put a couple of those together also.










I really enjoy my card creating time. I’ve also worked on some crocheting too. I’ll share that next time. 😉


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6 thoughts on “Greeting cards”

  1. Oh JoAnn, Wow Awesome. Great Job. I love every one. That is so great. You go girl. Boy you put me to shame. Your doing good making cards. Love them. Love

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog again! I LOVE that your daughter is fencing! That is so bold and interesting! Can’t wait to see what else you will be sharing here!

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