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It’s our weekend right now and I enjoyed a wonderful day at home with the family relaxing, making some goulash for dinner and working on my crafts.  It was a new recipe for the goulash and it turned out so good.  One of those comfort foods that sounded real yummy to try on these cold days.   I need to organize the drawers I keep my paper crafts in.  I do like to organize, but today it just sounded like too much work.  So instead I decided to work with some Sashay yarn I bought recently.

I’m truly more of a crocheter than a knitter.  My mom taught me how to do both, but when I knit my shoulder and neck starts to tighten up from an old injury.  Because of that I crochet most of the time now.  When I started using the Sashay yarn making frilly scarves I did a modified crochet stitch with it.  It’s very simple and easy, but honestly it’s always looked a bit loose to me.

Sarah and I were out shopping the other day and I picked up some more yarn.  I really wanted a more neutral color scarf and Sarah needed a blue one.
We’ve decided we’ll just share all the scarves I make since we both like the same colors.  🙂  This time though I decided I wanted to try knitting a scarf instead.

I looked up a video on it, and it seemed simple enough so I gave it a try. It does take a lot longer to make and it tightens up  my shoulder a bit, but not as bad as it was before.  I think because I can’t hold the yarn like I would regular yarn, so it doesn’t pull on my shoulder as much.  I’m hoping to finish the scarf by this Saturday or Sunday, but I got a good start on it today.
DSC_0310I like the look of the knitted scarf better than the look of the crocheted one (the knitted one is on the left).  It looks more full and I think just more neat and finished.
DSC_0312I do like it better, but honestly not the time it takes to make them.  😉  I know I’ll still pick up different crochet projects once and while because I still prefer crocheting.  Speaking of which, here is how my afghan is looking so far.
DSC_0306I like how it’s coming along, though the corners tend to curl a bit.  🙁  Then again most of what I make does that.  No matter how hard I try I tend to crochet too tight.  But I still like how it looks and how simple the pattern is.  And maybe I’ll put both things down and get those craft drawers organized, maybe.  😉


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4 thoughts on “I’m knitting”

  1. Love the projects your doing. I agree on the knitted sashay boa, I like the knitted better but glad I tried the crochet too. I have a couple of different looks to them, and the knitted still looks fuller. Your afghan looks better then mine. your doing great. Love seeing your work. Those drawers will get done. Have a blessed day. Love

  2. Your scarf and afghan are both very pretty. I do see what you mean about the difference between knitted and crocheted in the scarf. Both look very nice though. 🙂 We haven’t been out much as it’s very, very cold here. Staying inside and staying warm. Enjoy the rest of your week. Heather

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