It’s been a good weekend

This has been an actual weekend for us, Paul had Saturday and today (Sunday) off. We don’t get weekends like this too often, so they are quite nice when we do get them. We had our family photos taken on Thursday, and since it was an outdoor photo shoot, it was quite chilly. It wasn’t quite 50, and the wind was very brisk. But the photos really did turn out nicely. I won’t be putting too many of them on my site because family members read my blog and the pictures are always a surprise for them. 😉 But I will share some eventually.

I was so glad we were able to get them done on Thursday, because by Friday night, the snow and even colder weather came. We went to sleep Friday night with light snow and woke up Saturday more to about 1-2 inches and a windy, cold, morning. I went to a woman’s tea Saturday morning, and the roads were in bad shape, but I made it there safely. It was a blessed time. I am so thankful for the Lord bringing these women in my life. I have been searching for this kind of bible study and friendships for years. The Lord is so awesome with His blessings. It was the first woman’s tea I had been to in years, and the lady who’s house it was at decorated the table so nicely. We had finger sandwiches, snacks and of course, different teas. The conversation, prayer and fellowship was sweet. Though the weather was nasty, I am so glad I went.

Today we are relaxing, watching football, and enjoying have dad home on a Sunday. The sun is out today, though there is still some snow on the grass and it’s only about 35. We are curled up inside, with the fire going, chili in the crock pot and corn bread in the oven. It’s a sweet time at home, and I’m so thankful for it all.

I’ve been doing a lot of crocheting while listening to my audio books, and I finished my scarf! You can read about it all here. I’m working on the same style scarf and some more ornaments. Which I will be doing later today.

This week is pretty mellow. I’m still resting a lot, and I’ve decided to not worry about working out right now. I’m going to try and do some gentle walking every day, but no other workout, not even T-Tapp. I really want my body to recuperate properly. Like a dear friend and I talked about today, my first focus needs to be on my family and house. And if doing a workout is making me so tired I can’t take care of my family and home, than it’s not something I should be doing right now. Who knows, maybe by the time I feel up to doing a workout there will be an even better sale. 😉

I am looking forward to Wednesday, my mom is suppose to come out and spend the day with us. I’ll be making some corn/potato chowder and I get to show her (in person) the things I’ve been working on. I love when she gets to visit. Other than that, not a whole lot planned this week. I like mellow weeks, especially after all the busy ones we’ve been having. Hope you have a had a blessed weekend.

Oh, ok, you know me, at least one photo. Here is a ‘fun’ family photo taken at the photo shoot on Thursday. It really was a fun day.



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4 thoughts on “It’s been a good weekend”

  1. “Just some walking” is probably just what you need. Forget the rest and just get well. Like you wrote, you have been given other priorities that are more important than following an exercise program. Personally, I believe God made us to walk, not to do aerobics tapes. 🙂 Although they can be useful.

    My Askimet is a free WP plugin. I didn’t even know you could pay for it… LOL

    Have a happy, mellow week.

    Annie Kate

  2. Oh, what a lovely weekend it sounds as though you all had!!! Love having hubby home unexpectedly, don’t you? Would love to see some photos of snow so I can live vicariously through you… lol. And your family photo is just beautiful!!!

    Have a lovely week, JoAnn!!!
    Shani xxx

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