I’ve been playing today, can you tell?

Yep, I’ve been playing with my blog theme today, what do you think? I’m still learning how to work with WordPress themes, and there are still things I want to change. But I like the look of my website right now, and I’m happy with what I’ve learned so far.

We are on our weekend right now, Paul has today and Tuesday off. It was a good day. Last night I finished a scarf I made for a friend, and now I need to find a pattern of a scarf that I want to make for my hubby. I worked a bit today while Paul and the kids went Christmas shopping for me. Then tonight we went to our homeschool groups Christmas party. It was a fun night, and I loved the fellowship. But believe it or not, I forgot to bring my camera with. 🙁 I really need to remember it more often.

Sarah is making sure I remember it when we go see her in our church’s Christmas musical. I promised her I would remember it and I would take lots of pictures. 🙂

Tomorrow night is the last woman’s bible study until February. 🙁 Everyone likes to take a break for the holiday and the month of January to relax. Plus, usually, we are quite cold around here in January. I’m going to miss meeting with my friends every week, but it will be nice to have a month off.

I’ve started a new audio book today called The Proposal by Lori Wick. I’ve only read one of her books, but I liked that one a lot. So far this book is really good too. I’m really hoping I get a portable cd player for Christmas, if not, I will definitely be buying myself one soon. Though right now I’m playing it on my laptop while I’m working. But I had to pause it while I typed this. I couldn’t think of what to write and listen to a book at the same time. 😉

The kids are just about done with school, and we should be starting our Christmas break by Thursday at the latest, but probably sooner. I think we all need the break. I’m still trying to get use to working 10 hours a week, along with lessons and taking care of the house. It’s going pretty well, but I need to work on having dinner started or at least decided upon, first thing in the morning. And I think I’m going to be using my crock pot and roaster oven more often. 🙂

My cousin made some beautiful origami ornaments for me, you can read about them here. Doesn’t she do pretty work?


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6 thoughts on “I’ve been playing today, can you tell?”

  1. Your blog looks very nice. 🙂 That ornament your cousin made is very pretty. I’m glad you are having a good holiday season. 🙂


  2. Just wanted to answer your question on the man’s scarf. Looks like you’ll need 10 oz of yarn to make it, so if your skeins are 3 oz each, 4 should cover it. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Yes, I agree, your blog looks nice. I think your cousin has talent, too! A break will be nice, especially when it is so cold. I dread going out in the cold. I forget my camera all the time. I need a Sarah to remind me! 🙂

  4. Hi, Joann,

    I’m wondering how you’re liking your new job at HSB? I just tried to pop over and see your front page there but I guess their server is down.

    I love that origami, I’ll have to go and look it up. My daughter has always enjoyed doing that. We just mastered doing that woven Scandinavian paper heart, so I guess I’m doing good! ha!

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday break.


  5. It’s always fun to play around with blog design! Despite being flat on my back, I’ve been able to fix and finish a few things on mine too.

    Have a wonderful evening!

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