Lazy days of summer, maybe to lazy

It’s the lazy days of summer, but like my title said, I wonder if I’ve been too lazy. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe the lack of motivation, maybe too much work, I don’t know. But I find my days and my focus just wandering at times. I know I have things I need to do and accomplish, but I can’t always remember what they are. Hmmm, maybe it’s a memory thing. 😉

At times I think it’s just an overwhelming feeling. I know there are things I need to do and get done but I’m too tired or don’t have the desire to do those things which then makes me feel overwhelmed. Then when I have time to do something, I can’t remember which were the ‘important’ things to do and I shut down. That tends to be a coping mechanism for me when I feel too overwhelmed, I just shut down, get lazy and read a book or something.

But it’s summer time, isn’t this the time to be lazy? Isn’t this the time that I don’t have to worry about routines, schedules, things that ‘have’ to be done? Isn’t this time meant to be spent with the family, doing whatever it is we want to do for the day, regardless if it’s on our ‘list’ or not?

I think I forget that sometimes. I forget about all the times the kids and I have taken a walk in the evening and just chatted. Or the times hubby and I have enjoyed a good movie or tv show together. I sometimes forget about the fun crafts I’ve done or the time spent with friends. It seems what I remember most is what I haven’t accomplished instead of what I have. Even writing out this short list of what I’ve accomplished has helped me to see that I’m not being lazy, I’m just enjoying my family and my summer. So with that thought in mind, I think I’ll make a list of the ‘lazy’ things we have been doing this summer to remind me that this is what summer is all about. 🙂

Going for lots of walks with Paul.
Walking with the kids in the evening.
Playing games (did I mention that I won at Farkel last night? 😉 ).
Watching movies together.
Watching TV shows together. (The kids got us started on the new Doctor Who series, we are in the middle of season 2. lol)
Going to bbq’s.
Spending time with friends.
Using the firepit. (We haven’t done this as much as we would have like, but hopefully we will tomorrow).
Watching the kids enjoy their first year of helping at VBS by themselves.
Watching Sarah learn and enjoy a new sport, fencing.
Working on crafts.
Reading and listening to books.
Finishing my cricut made calendar.
Visiting my parents as much as possible.
Doing lots and lots of grilling.
Learning how to live gluten free together.
Work on a project for my fathers 90th birthday coming up.

You know what, that is quite a list, and it brings a smile to my face. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, like I’m not doing enough, I realize I’ve done what is most important. I’m spending time with my family. What’s more important than that? It also encourages me to get off the computer and work on the project for my father. (And no mom, I’m not sharing what it is, you will have to wait for his birthday party 😀 ).

So how about you? How are you spending your summer? Are you enjoying some nice lazy days that you just hang out with your family? I hope you are enjoying your family and your summer.

And since I’m talking about family, I just had to share my favorite photo of my kids again. I just love this photo. 😉


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3 thoughts on “Lazy days of summer, maybe to lazy”

  1. that is a great picture of them. Love it. Sounds like your doing a lot of things. I’m not sure I’ve done that much. I even haven’t done many crafts lately, but I’ll get back into it. I can’t even guess what you could be making your Dad. But I know it will be great. See you soon. Love

  2. This summer, more than those past, I have tried not to keep us super busy, and the same thoughts crept in my mind. Like you, I realized that I was not really being lazy, but resting, what I mean by resting is not being busy. The school year will be busy. I need a slower paced summer. Glad you are not beating yourself up, and enjoying all that you are doing. M

  3. I could have written this post! I was struggling a bit yesterday with the “I haven’t gotten done” list, especially where it relates to getting ready for the new school year, and was even starting to wonder if I’m burnt out. I haven’t even tackled the piles of books on the bookshelf!

    But on the flip side of that–it has been incredibly hot and humid, and I’ve spent the hottest hours of the day beside a pool with no shade except that of my hat. I’ve come home so drained that what hasn’t gotten done between the hours of 5:30 am and 11 am isn’t likely to get done. But I have made beads with Belle, and played Bananagrams with Boo, and we are enjoying time together.

    I should have made this into a blog post–maybe I will yet. Thanks for posting yours though. I no longer feel alone.

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