• Life Changes

    Sometimes life changes are so unexpected and intense that all we can do is lean on the Lord and get a new puppy!

  • Colder Weather

    It has been a very interesting and different summer for me and my family.  If you want to read about it more you can here.  Beyond that, we’ve been busy with life.  Two big things that have happened is Sarah has moved out and Paulie has gotten his drivers license!  😀  Both of those major events have truly brought us to another new phase of our lives.  We are back to a 3 person household, and we no longer need to make sure we are always available to drive Paulie to his things.  I am truly blessed we are in another new phase, but it always takes a little while…

  • Blog merge work

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have merged my 2 blogs into one site.  With the merge, I’ve also cleaned up my site a bit, updated my About Me page and some other backend work.  It’s been a bit of a process, but honestly, I’ve loved every minute of it.  😀 Please remember to update your RSS feed to, when you get a chance, https://WGCreates.com/feed. Thanks! Save Save Save

  • Sites I like to read

    I’ve been looking to make some changes, not only the look of this site, but also how I use it.  I wrote briefly about working with different social media sites and Annie Kate from Tea Time with Annie Kate suggested a site to look up, by Amy Lynn Andrews.  The minute I got on that site, I knew I was going to get a lot of info from there, and I was right.  I’m still gleaning lots of information, thanks for the suggestion Annie Kate!  😀 One of the things Amy suggests is a site called Pocket to bookmark articles you want to read later.  Between reading a lot on…