Blog merge work

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have merged my 2 blogs into one site.  With the merge, I’ve also cleaned up my site a bit, updated my About Me page and some other backend work.  It’s been a bit of a process, but honestly, I’ve loved every minute of it.  😀 Please remember

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Sites I like to read

I’ve been looking to make some changes, not only the look of this site, but also how I use it.  I wrote briefly about working with different social media sites and Annie Kate from Tea Time with Annie Kate suggested a site to look up, by Amy Lynn Andrews.  The minute I got on that

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Photo Friday ~ 2/24

I didn’t take too many photos this past week.  I had planned to when I visited family up in the mountains, I even brought my camera.  But it was so relaxing at my sister’s, I just didn’t pull it out to take anything.  I just sat with family and enjoyed our time together.  Definitely not

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End of Homeschooling

End of homeschooling equals the beginning of learning.  That’s what I’ve been thinking lately, that the end of our homeschool journey has been the beginning of my learning journey.  I’ve always enjoyed learning new things, though I didn’t really like school.  Once I graduated my desire for learning grew, and I wanted to take some

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Photo Friday ~ 2/17

My plan was to take photos of our back yard, by the fire pit, and watch the snow slowly melt.  But the weather had other things in mind.  It was slowly melting, then more snow, then we got in a warm spell, with rain, so the snow disappeared quickly.  That is great, because I wanted

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