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I wrote a post asking Are You Creative?  And in that, I tried to bring up the unlimited amount of ways people can be creative.  I like to create things, from patterns and such, I’m not creative in the sense that I make my own crochet patterns.  Or design my own cross stitch patterns, I just use what others design and create from that.  And I’m ok with that, I still consider that being creative.


My son has found a unique way to be creative too.  He has started his own YouTube channel!  I say it like it’s something new, but he’s been doing this for months now, probably about a year.  He loves to create videos of games he plays, talking through them, and sharing them with the video gaming world.  He’s quite good at it, and he’s going to be taking a course next year that will teach him some new tricks and such to add to his videos.


So if you want to see them, or know anyone who is involved in video games, feel free to tell them about his channel.  Either way, always remember, there are many, many different ways to be creative.  😛


Skippy Gamer Youtbe Banner


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  1. Wow that is great Paulie. Proud of you. Thanks for sharing that JoAnn. And yes my creativity comes from the designs of others but each person has their own unique style they bring to the design., You can have 5 people working on the same design, either coloring or knitting, any craft and those 5 same designs will have a different look. So we are creative in that respect,. Love

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