Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ 4/26


FOR Sunday April 26th


Outside my window…Cloudy, windy, wet and chilly.  It’s definitely different than the warm, clear weather we’ve been having.  But the moisture is always needed.


I am thinking…That I don’t want to have to go out in this weather to take my son to his youth group this afternoon.  I miss having Sarah around to take him for me.  But she works on Sundays.   🙂 But I’m blessed he enjoys youth group so much.


I am thankful…For a landlord that fixes things in our house quickly.  On Thursday night we realized the heating element in our water heater went out.  By Friday afternoon it was fixed.  We’ve lived in this same house for 7 years, with this landlord, and he is the best.


In the kitchen…Corn dog casserole, bbq meatball casserole, beef nachos, baked pasta and baked mac and cheese.  I’m really hoping to bake some bread today too, but right this second, I’m being lazy and writing this post.  Hopefully I’ll do it when I’m done.  lol


I am wearing…Black pants, black socks and a black and white stripped shirt.  What can I say, I like wearing black. 🙂


I am creating…I’ve been coloring again, and I bought a couple of fun pencil holders.    DSC_0529If things go like I want today, after I get the bread rising, I’ll start another spa washcloth.  That’s my plan anyway.


I am going…To take Paulie to youth group, then curl back up on the couch.  It’s just too blustery today to do much else.


I am wondering…So many things sometimes.  But most things I wonder are probably best kept to myself.   😉


I am reading…I just started When I Fall in Love by Susan May Warren, I’m still listening to True Valor by Dee Henderson and I just finished A Rush of Wings by Kristen Heitzmann.


I am looking forward to…Going to our local Farmer’s Market this coming Saturday.  It’s the first day it will be opened this year, and the weather is supposed to be beautiful.  Plus, Paul doesn’t start work until later that afternoon, so we’ll have all morning to be there.


Around the house…Again, another pretty quiet Sunday with just Paulie and I.  I hear clocks ticking, Paulie recording for his YouTube channel and the keys on my laptop as I type this.  😉


A few plans for the rest of the week…Spending another day down town with hubby on Tuesday, a library run and farmer’s market.  That’s about it this week.


A peek into my day…This is the spa cloth I just finished.






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2 thoughts on “Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ 4/26”

  1. Once again I enjoy reading your blogs. Love the pencil holders Where did you get them? I’m about finished with my SpaCloth. I don’t seem to work on it except when I’m with ladies doing crafts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We have a sunny day and a slight wind. I hope not much wind since we are very dry and we live in a sand bowl when the wind picks up. Sand all over in the house. You have a good day and a good week. Hope to see you soon. Love

  2. Seven years? I remember you moving in. Wow. Ties into my blog from today, how time is flying by. I am waiting for my oldest to get his mind off his saxophone long enough to study for his driving test. But, having the drive him around is fine, too. I won’t have that time for long. I think our market opens a week from this Saturday. I hope to go, too.

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