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I decided I wanted to make another scarf, a different size than the one I gave Sarah. I made it pretty quickly, in the same color yarn, but then decided I really needed a black scarf. I know, why would I pick the color black? I wear lots of black and neutral color pants, with colored tops and the pink and brown scarf just didn’t go with my clothes well enough. So I decided to whip up a black scarf. I really like this pattern, it’s such a pretty and quickly done project.


Not quite sure my face looks so shiny. 😉

This is the smaller scarf sitting on top of Sarah’s bigger scarf. I’m glad she likes the big scarf because I really like the small one. 🙂

I’m making some more ornaments to give to the ladies at the bible study I go to. I still have to make the chain for the hanging hook, but I’m trying to get all the ornaments done first then I’ll add the chains later.

I’m also going to crochet some Christmas coasters for around our living room. I finally found some yarn I like. The tan one is the coasters we have in our living room now. I wanted to make some Thanksgiving/harvest coasters but couldn’t find the yarn I liked unless I ordered it online. I knew by the time I ordered it and got them made, I would be changing over our Thanksgiving decorations for Christmas decorations, so I didn’t do them. I’ll just work on the Christmas ones and I’ll have them done in 2 weeks, just in time for when we decorate for Christmas. 🙂

This last picture is one I took last week. It was after our first snow fall, and after the time change. I looked up and saw the whole sky was this beautiful pink hue. By the time I got my camera there was yellow mixed in with it. I wish I could have gotten one without the houses, but I still think it’s pretty.


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5 thoughts on “Some projects and pictures”

  1. JoAnn, your projects are coming along wonderfully!!! Your scarves are so pretty; you and Sarah will look lovely this winter. 🙂 I’m so happy for you that you’re getting back into creating, I know you’ve been wanting to devote regular time to it. Yay! 🙂

  2. Your scarf turned out great and it looks really pretty with your dark hair. Sounds like you are busy with your projects and having fun with them. I really like the cooler weather and nesting in the house with my family and crafts. The sunset in your photo is so pretty and colorful. Enjoy your Sunday. Heather

  3. You are one busy woman! I love both scarves, but can see your point about colors. It’s hard to think about scarves right now as it is in the 60’s and sunny today. But that is going to change tomorrow. Back to colder weather here we come.

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