• Starting a Website

    Starting a Website

    Have you ever thought starting your own website? To write about your passions or even sell a product or service? It's easier than you think.

  • work from home

    Do you work from home?

    Do you work from home? I have been a Work At Home Wife & Mother for over 7 years. I want to share my experience with organization, time management and more.

  • What I’ve been up to lately

    Well, I have definitely been keeping busy, that’s for sure. I’m keeping busy with the usual things this time of year, holidays, lessons and hopefully we’ll start some baking soon. Sarah is in our church’s Christmas musical, so between lessons and practice she doesn’t have as much time this year for baking, well at least not until after the 18th. But I have to say, I am truly blessed that she can drive. It’s been so much easier on us this year. 🙂 But obviously that’s not what’s been keeping me busy lately. In November I was approached by Kristen, the former Senior Editor of Homeschoolblogger.com. TOS (The Old Schoolhouse…