FLEXISPOT Under Desk Cable Management Tray

I use this with my Flexispot Adjustable Desk. Keeps everything nice and organized.


About this item

  • Clutter-Free Workstation: Keep your cords all in one place and save more space with the FlexiSpot cable management tray. Get those annoying tangled cords out of the way and enjoy an organized desk!
  • Airflow Open Design: Equipped with an open ventilation design, this tray keeps your workspace and cords neat and free from dust accumulation. This smart open design also allows you to easily add or remove your cords without experiencing the hassle of knots and annoying entaglements.
  • Easy Installation: Easily mount and install the desk cable organizer on any desk edge or surface! With only six screws and two parts to install, mounting your cable organizer is simple and easy.Some steps may require a drill, which is not included.Please pay attention to the thickness of the desk top.The length of screws connec the bracket and desk top is 0.63inch, do not match the series of Flexispot standing desk:EG8/EW8/EB8, there may be a risk of breakdown.
  • Improve Safety And Productivity : Lower your risk to electrical fires and accidents by organizing your cords with a cable management tray. Avoid the distraction of annoying cables that you can snag or trip on by organizing your cords. By clearing your workspace from distractions you can boost your productivity and performance.
  • Protect Your Pets & Avoid Wire Damage: Keep your wires out of the reach of your pets to protect them from danger. With the cable management bracket, you can organize the jungle of cords beneath your desk and allow your pets to play safely under your table.


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