Fire pit

Do you have a fire pit where you live?  I didn’t grow up with one or even had any when we lived in Illinois, but out here in Idaho, having camp type fires at home are very normal.  When we lived more out in the country lots of time we just used a burn barrel, …

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My summer continued

Like I said in another post, I’ve had some medical issues these past months.  During the middle of May, when we were trying to get schooling done, graduation set up and Sarah settled, I found I was not only highly anemic but had very low red blood count.  I knew I was more tired for …

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4th of July

Our 4th was pretty mellow.  Paul had to work, and I did some work too.  Then we had friends over for ice cream and a movie.  They had to leave before it got dark, but once it did get dark, we lit off some simple fireworks we bought.  First, out here in the summer, we …

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